Dan Vidor

" Working with Christina is a true collaborative experience. She understands that the key to a dynamic and interesting website is by tapping into her clients' creative reservoir. In working with Christina I felt a part of the process every step of the way and the end result was a website that truly reflected my individuality and marketability. Work with her and you will have something professional and unique."

Chris Kennedy
Development Associate,

"Working with Christina on event promotional material has been a pleasure. Her designs have been imaginative and striking, and been a great source of conversation at our events. In addition her copywriting skills are enviable and beautifully complement her design work."

"Working with Christina to build my website was without question the best decision I could have made. When we met, I had already spent almost three months working on my website with no luck and little progress. After just one conversation, she understood my vision. All I had to do was tell her how I wanted the pages to look and within days she had already gotten back to me. Throughout the entire process she kept me updated and was always willing to make any changes that needed to be made. Further, not only did Christina take the time to build the site exactly the way I wanted, she also made suggestions that helped to make the site even better. Working with Christina is like working with a partner who has the same vision and goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of excellent service and top quality web design work! "

Jim Benedict
VP, RAM Modular Canada

"Design Root Studio exceeded RAM Modulars expectations on every level. Our website exudes trust and credibility and is graphically appealing to the eye. After a very productive and consultative session, Christina was able to convey our product, vision and values to perfection. Once the web site was developed and on-line Christina continued to follow up to assure that our expectations were met. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that is looking to develop or enhance their web presence."

Tom Donatelli

Christina has a keen eye for design and detail. She listens to what you what in your design and improves on your ideas, but she also understands what clients are looking for in your website, and that helps you land more business, which is why we all want a website in the first place! On top of that, she is a joy to work with and is just fun to be around!

Eli Bridges

When I needed a website for my business, I didn't know who to go to. I had so many offers and meetings but something always seemed off, confusing, too expensive or too formal. When I met with Christina Roman we didn't even start with the website , we just talked about my work and how I would like to market myself in the eyes of the public. She then clearly explained how she designs her sites, showed me examples and different design options and then she asked what my favorite color was. Christina has a knack for capturing your personality/aura on the screen and displaying it with your work. She also has the ability to find information online about yourself that you didn't even know existed! Making the right website for you is Christina's obsession. I recommend Ms. Roman for your site.

"I was impressed with her range of knowledge, her ability to meet tight deadlines and the excellent quality of her work. Along with the creative abilities and technical skills were the high quality graphic designs she was able to produce for the "Fabulous Moms" Winter Issue 2015. She managed the layout of all 80 pages of the magazine with a clear, concise, beautiful style that elevated the look of the finished product. Christina stepped up to the challenge and also write beautiful copy, edited as needed, and retouched images to maintain the look and standards of Vintage made modern! She ordered all the articles and pages so the magazine fits together elegantly and thoughtfully. She also crafted beautiful images specifically for the marketing campaign such as alternate covers and mockups."

Sam Strelitz

"Working with Christina to build my website was a great experience. Not only was she able to execute all the custom features that I requested, but the platform allows me to update the content on my site easily, and as often as I'd like. Over a year after its launch, I still couldn't be happier with the result!"

Kathy Feghali

"We approached Christina Roman for her assistance in designing the program for our annual Fundraising Dinner... she went above and beyond, creating an artistic and informative printed program and an interactive map of Lebanon giving the locations and information on the EOL projects and scholarship programs. Christina was a pleasure to work with both professionally and socially. Her product is outstanding and her positive and responsive attitude made us always feel she was glad to do whatever it took to help us achieve the very best."

Elann Danziger

"I won't lie, my proficiency with HTML and coding past the basics is practically non-existent. Having Christina Roman in my corner for help on designing my professional website proved to be an extremely beneficial decision. Her eye for detail, her tireless work ethic, and her outgoing, friendly demeanor will set any client at ease through what is undoubtedly an otherwise stressful undertaking. Plus, her rates are more than accommodating to even the most struggling of artists."

Kara Addington

"I'm so in love!"

"I loved working with Christina. Her work is beautiful and specific. But most importantly, she really took the time to get to know me, and it felt like we were working together to create something that best represents me as a professional artist."

Lauriel Friedman

Zach Finebum

"I'm an actor, singer-songwriter based in Astoria, and I was in desperate need of a website.  I knew the whole task of creating my own would be way over my head, so I reached out to Christina. From the very beginning of the process, I knew I was in good hands.  We started with a meeting in which we discussed my expectations and her recommendations so we would be on the same page right at the start.  Throughout the discussion, her number one concern was creating something that best represented me, and executing it in a professional, visually appealing, and comprehensive way.  I presented my initial ideas, and she took those and made them better, getting me to think about directions I wasn't even aware I wanted to go.  Throughout the process, she sent me updates on progress, and I was able to provide her with tweaks and corrections which she implemented faultlessly.  The final product was and is beautiful, a perfect website for a young professional in the performing arts/music world.  She even provided me with a document that explains how to make updates to the site in the most accessible, clearest terms.  I'm not very tech savvy, but thanks to this instruction guide, updating my site has been completely stress-free.  Several friends and colleagues have remarked about how good-looking and professional the site is, and I personally am thrilled with the product.  Christina Roman is a talented designer with a terrific eye and a keen understanding of how to most effectively market your brand on the Internet."