actor reasons

There are some things that unite all actor websites: they should be easy to update, scale to multiple platforms, and be unique. No templates! I get it because I'm an actor as well as a designer - I know that it is easy to feel lost in a sea of talent. So while I have my finger on the pulse of what the "industry" wants (video clips!) I care more about what you want - it's gotta feel personal.

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I'm so in love

Kara wanted a clean site to stand out and show off her many sides: a dynamic and super approachable personality, and a dual career as an actor and model. We worked with colorful and clean headshot outtakes (fully edited for the website) to bring her personality to the forefront and two drop down menus for acting and modeling.

  • an awesome blogging platform (that you should read)
  • video clips extracted from media and uploaded and embedded
  • hidden password-protected galleries for additional modeling shoots for client view
  • fully integrated social media



Christina has a knack for capturing your personality/aura on the screen and displaying it with your work

Eli is a super dynamic actor and musician who is sure to charm your socks off. We wanted to make his acting the highlight but still have a space for his music. So we crafted a single scrolling page that keeps drawing you into his career (and also easy to navigate from the top bar) as you check out his movie clips, vo reels, reviews, photos... Then we set up a seperate page for his music that's easy to edit to keep people informed of new gigs and allows you to stream tracks from all his bands right on the site. Or on your phone. Take a listen

  • Video clips edited, uploaded and embedded
  • Edited images and custom graphics throughout including full-width backgrounds
  • research to uncover positive reviews and stellar images
  • audio tracks stream right from the site


the platform allows me to update the content on my site easily, and as often as I'd like. Over a year after its launch, I still couldn't be happier with the result!

Sam has done an incredible amount of stunning work in film and was very certain of what she wanted: not just another actor site. So we worked to find non-standard (read not a headshot) photos to represent her- all pulled from film stills- and integrated them into a single page parallax scrolling website. By the time you reach the bottom you know her and are impressed.

  • custom graphics for each commercial clip and stills crafted for cover images
  • parallax scrolling with static top navigation
  • custom footer with reel, headshot, resume and integrated mail chimp form - to immediately sign up for her newsletter


Elann is a New York based actor who is constantly creating his own work: podcasts, storytelling, karaoke - plus all of the projects he becomes involved in! He wanted a platform to simply and elegantly showcase his many talents and interests so we worked to create a single page portfolio that scrolls through a gradient and highlights his best work. Plus, he has the option of directing prospective collaborators to a single page that highlights a single skill. 

  • multiple navigation functionality: single page or unique pages
  • custom graphics for unique background and icons
  • integrated social media with live twitter stream, soundcloud streaming, and video clips
  • media support for clips of films and revised resume


she really took the time to get to know me, and it felt like we were working together to create something that best represents me as a professional artist

Lauriel is a NYC actor born and raised - and wanted an acting page that captured the duality of her work: classical theatre with modern gumption. So we decided to go super simple and strong with black and white images, interactive navigation, a colorful splash page, and some beautiful details to add character. 

  • customized images and graphics throughout including black and white headshots and logo
  • edited, uploaded, and embedded video work, consultation on photos


The final product was and is beautiful, a perfect website for a young professional in the performing arts/music world... I personally am thrilled

Zach does it all: music, theater, film... so we kept the design simple and focused on what represented him best: an image with a guitar slung over his shoulder.

  • custom graphics and image editing including full-width backgrounds
  • stream music tracks on the site and link to reverbnation and bandcamp platforms
  • media page with lightbox style images and videos to integrate all his work